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Simple Button 1.5

   A java applet that provides a customizable, interactive, web linking, sound producing button. Easy as HTML. Each instance created excepts 3 gif or jpg images, 3 Sun au sounds, a url link, a pause value (Allows more time for longer mouse up sound files to play before jumping to the url), horizontal and vertical spacing, and background color.

Whats New

April 20,1997

  Now Simple Button displays a texted based button while loading in the graphics. This allows users to immediately tell what the button is for and use without having to waiting on the graphics to load. It allows you to pick the beveled button color and the Font face, style, size and color. Added looping background sound.

November 21,1997

  Added Background Pattern and Frame support. As of this release you can only set one target frame.

You can now download a version that will work running off your harddrive and decide if you would like to register one for your web site.

©1996-97 by Matthew White